TROPICAL HEATWAVE is renowned as a wonderful and fantastic Caribbean steelband act

Tropical Heatwave
Tropical Heatwave

STEEL BAND based in London

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A top notch steel band TROPICAL HEATWAVE STEELPAN COMBO is renowned as a wonderful and fantastic Caribbean "party" steelband band guaranteed to surprise and delight, and can get those steelpans rocking to the finest reggae, calypso and Caribbean carnival dancehall music which never fails to create that ubiquitous Caribbean exoticism. 

What to expect

However, if a more unobtrusive and relaxing flavour is required for background music then Tropical Heatwave is very adept in playing the most delicate and exquisite steelpan music guaranteed to transport one to the most idyllic tropical beach scenario where blue/green seas, sunshine and swaying palm trees are guaranteed. 

The ensemble is made up of a large crew of skilled and experienced musicians based around the UK. In general, the line up is with the regular quintet made up of four males and one female who doubles as backing vocalist and limbo dancer.. but, from time to time, it may change to include other crew members. Nevertheless, whenever those changes are made, the essence and dynamism remains as entertaining, "soulful" and passionate as ever. And it is a testament to the members that any of them can come in at any given time and easily slot in, bringing a different face to the line up while keeping the rhythms and vibes totally together...The band calls it "TROPICALISSIMO!"

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