Customers/Bookers, Buyers or Hirers

Herein after and for the purpose of these terms known as; ‘the client’

This agreement is made between the client and the supplier and may only be amended in writing, prior to the event date and if accepted by all parties.

  1. Connections Entertainment Ltd is under NO obligation to hold any act, supplier or date for a reason, without being in receipt of an e-signed contract, confirmed online booking request or deposit. A notification by email is not sufficient on its own to hold or confirm any act, service or supplier.
  2. Connections Entertainment Ltd reserves the right to replace any supplier on a like for like basis should the contracted supplier become unable to perform due to illness, accident, equipment failure or otherwise. Connections Entertainment Ltd may or may not notify you of a replacement, in the unlikely event that Connections Entertainment Ltd are unable to locate an alternative supplier or suitable replacement service ‘the client' shall be notified and refunded up to the amount in full of the individual service or act within thirty (30) days of the event date.
  3. The client accepts that any refund received shall be as full and final settlement, as sole and exclusive remedy in either law or in equity and that the supplier or Connections Entertainment Ltd is NOT liable for any further claim for compensation, loss or damages. The client accepts that any refund is limited to the supplier that did not attend (fee only) and is not in anyway to affect any other service supplied within the same booking form or at the same event.
  4. Connections Entertainment Ltd does not provide any guarantee with respect to a supplier’s performance or service. The client accepts that Connections Entertainment Ltd is NOT liable for a supplier’s lack of service or poor performance. An opinion of which does not constitute a claim for compensation in any form and whilst every care is taken when promoting performers on connectionsentertainment.co.uk inclusion within does not mean that the performer or supplier is vetted or approved. Customer reviews are available online or on request, we offer an honest and open review system to give a true representation of acts and suppliers displayed.
  5. The client agrees that in the unlikely event that they should experience any negativity towards a supplier or service that they will contact customerservices@connectionsentertainment.co.uk immediately and that they shallnot post a bad review or publish any negative comments on social media or other any other platform other than connectionsentertainment.co.uk review system.
  6. Any request to cancel a confirmed booking must be made in writing and sent to Connections Entertainment Ltd with the appropriate cancellation fee including a 5% administration fee.

  7. A Cancellation shall take effect from the date written cancellation with the appropriate fee is received (not the date sent).
  8. In the event of cancellation the hirer shall forfeit the minimum 25% deposit already received and pay an additional administration fee of 5% (five-percent) of the total hire as confirmation of the client's request to cancel the hire. Failure to pay or late payment of a cancellation fee shall delay the acceptance of a cancellation and could result in additional cancellation fees being applied.
  9. Cancellations made with;

    • {a} Less than 90 days shall warrant 35% of the total fee payable to confirm cancellation.
    • {b} Less than 60 days shall warrant 50% of the total fee payable to confirm cancellation.
    • {c} Less than 30 days shall warrant 100% of the total fee payable to confirm cancellation.
  10. The client accepts that; upon signing this agreement that any deposit paid is NON-REFUNDABLE even if the amount paid is above the amount due when subjected to our cancellation policy.
  11. The client accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by Connections Entertainment Ltd, the supplier, equipment, the venue, representatives or otherwise during the event, including but not limited to; exposure to environmental elements, damage as a result of improper crowd control, negligent, violent or wilful misconduct by the clients guests or persons attending the event. The client is to ensure the safety of any supplier and provide a safe working environment. Where electrical equipment is in use at the venue, the client will ensure that regular examinations have been carried out and that services are safe to use.
  12. At any event where children are to be entertained, it is the clients responsibility to ensure that a responsible adult remains present at all times and that children remain the sole responsibility of the client
  13. Connections Entertainment Ltd reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any supplier without cost and at any time, from any contract, venue or performance for any reason whatsoever to ensure the safety, well being or reputation of the contracted act, supplier or client.
  14. Disintermediation shall not be tolerated, any client attempting to remove Connections Entertainment Ltd from the hire, to deal direct with the supplier should request written permission from Connections Entertainment Ltd. Failure to provide such permission when hiring any supplier introduced by Connections Entertainment Ltd shall result in an application for losses to recover commission fees, marketing, promotional and advertising costs, plus interest.
  15. Account clients or repeat bookers of multiple services may be granted a maximum of thirty (30) days credit, subject to terms and conditions on the invoice supplied. An additional 5% charge shall be applied to any invoice which is NOT paid within 30 days. A further 5% shall be applied to the outstanding amount there after on each consecutive calendar month where the payment remains outstanding.
  16. Unless stated otherwise within any accompanying rider, the client is to provide the supplier with; light refreshments, 1x 13amp power supply, a table, full access to set up or remove equipment and sufficient shelter from adverse weather. If the supplier is required to attend the event for more than 6 hours a hot meal and soft drinks should be provided. Any overtime or extended performances shall be agreed at a rate of pay prior to the event.
  17. Connections Entertainment Ltd is NOT liable for any payment made on the event or any cash amount paid directly to the supplier on the event. Payment made outside of this agreement is strictly between the supplier and the client.
  18. All prices displayed on our website are maintained on a daily basis and are correct to the best of our knowledge when published. Connections Entertainment Ltd reserve the right not to supply the item/s or to cancel the booking request should an incorrect price, description or charge be displayed.
  19. Errors shall be corrected as soon as we are aware of them and we shall contact customers directly to determine their wish to proceed with any affected booking request at the correct price and description. For customers we cannot contact, or those who do not wish to continue with the order at the correct price or correct description, we will cancel and refund the price paid.
  20. Our price promise is to supply acts and services at highly competitive rates, if you see the exact same supplier or act cheaper anywhere online we will match the price and offer the difference as a discount on any additional item that you wish to hire or purchase. Connections Entertainment Ltd does not mark up on acts and offers all entertainers at the best price available at the time of booking.
  21. Our Price Promise covers full price services or acts up to the value of £500 and is subject to change or can be removed at any time and available exclusively for purchases made in the UK. All claims submitted are checked and verified within two working days, subject to full inclusion of the necessary details listed above. Any refund is extended to the original purchaser via their initial payment method or via cheque.
  22. Where non-perishable, non-personalised tangible gifts such as party packs, chair covers or sashes have been ordered direct from Connections Entertainment Ltd, the order can be cancelled and a refund requested within seven working days of receipt of goods. Goods, including free gifts selected as part of a promotion, should be returned intact to the address we specify in their original unused condition. In the event of non-delivery, despatch error, shortage or if damaged goods are received, please notify us as quickly as possible.
  23. The images used to illustrate acts, entertainers or supplier services are used as an indication only. Session lengths or set times can vary from time to time at different events and are given simply as an indication of what is required or offered.
  24. We welcome feedback on all entertainers and suppliers (acts or services). If you have a problem or complaint on your event, please bring it to the attention of the supplier as soon as possible, so that they have a chance to put matters right. If your problem is not resolved, please contact us and we shall be happy to take the matter up with the supplier. In general, we consider it unreasonable if you take no action during an event, but then make a complaint at a later date.
  25. All prices quoted in our promotional literature and on our website do not include VAT and are correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to increase the price of any product without notice.
  26. All the above terms and conditions apply as a condition to the customer when hiring or purchasing online. Connections Entertainment Ltd. reserves the right to change these terms from time to time without reference to customers. These terms and conditions do not affect our clients statutory rights as a consumer, and are governed by and in accordance with English law. The client and Connections Entertainment Ltd agree that any problems fall under the jurisdiction of the English courts.
  27. Connections Entertainment Ltd complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. and confirms that our data is fairly and lawfully processed for limited purposes, the data is adequate, secure, relevant and not excessive, it’s accurate and not kept longer than is necessary.
  28. Force Majeure - Whilst every effort will be made by the company (Connections Entertainment Ltd) to complete any services and confirmed (client) contracts, the company (Connections Entertainment Ltd) cannot be held liable for variation or non-completion of orders due to Act of God, Fire, Flood, Storm, Gale, Tempest, War, Pandemic, Terrorism, Strikes, Illness, Riots, Lockouts or any other civil disturbances.

Acts, Entertainers, Performers and Services

“Herein after and for the purpose of these terms known as the supplier”

  1. Acts, entertainers or suppliers displayed for sales, marketing or promotional purposes on connectionsentertainment.co.uk accept that they are fully aware of their profile, the contents within and agree to supply the service or performance as described at the cost displayed, minus commission or admin fee payable to connections entertainment ltd. The supplier accepts that he or she has approved and agrees to these terms and conditions regardless of whether they have recently logged in to update or amend their profile. Any supplier not prepared to accept these written conditions in full or part, should contact Connections Entertainment Ltd immediately to have their profile removed.
  2. When using the automated booking system each supplier(s) is required to click ‘accept’ within the online account and to approve each individual customer-booking request. Failure to act or to click ‘accept’ is not sufficient to cancel the request or as cancellation of any confirmed booking. A supplier must complete his or her written objections when declining a customer booking request and follow up with a written explanation via email accompanied by any documented evidence.
  3. It can be assumed by Connections Entertainment Ltd that the suppliers information displayed online is correct at the point of booking and any fees displayed shall include the agreed rate of commission.
  4. The supplier is engaged within a contract for his/her services and is treated as self-employed, responsible for his/her own national Insurance or any other taxes.
  5. It is understood and agreed that Connections Entertainment Ltd shall negotiate all re-engagements within 24 months of expiration of the performance date(s). Any supplier agrees that customers, leads or future bookings gained from attending this event shall be directed back to Connections Entertainment Ltd.

    • {a} Connections Entertainment Ltd must first approve any marketing material referring to the contracted event before published.
    • {b} Social Media mentions or any online post must include reference to or tag where applicable, Connections Entertainment Ltd.
  6. Connections Entertainment Ltd should be notified immediately of any changes to this contract.
  7. Cancellation by the supplier for any reasons including illness may result in a direct claim for compensation and the supplier may incur reasonable costs to source a suitable replacement. The supplier accepts full liability for any claim by the hirer for compensation and accepts to pay any costs incurred by Connections Entertainment Ltd as a result of any such cancellation.

    • {a} Cancellation by the supplier in the event of an accident, sickness, mechanical breakdown or any circumstances preventing the supplier from attending the venue to full-fill his/her contract should notify Connections Entertainment ltd immediately.
    • {b} The supplier must provide an alternative (substitute) supplier that could be offered to the hirer as a sufficient (like for like) replacement. In this instance the supplier will accept full responsibility and if the customer is unhappy with the substitute provided the supplier should be expected to issue a partial or full refund, including any commission amount charged.
    • {b} Any supplier(s) who choose to cancel on the grounds of sickness or accidental circumstances will be expected to provide a detailed Medical Certificate within 7 days.
    • {c} Payment shall not be paid to any supplier(s) for days upon which the supplier(s) is unable to provide his or her service as contracted.
    • {d} Cancellation fees negotiated with the client are not transferable to the supplier. Connections Entertainment Ltd reserves the right to amend, adjust or remove cancellation fees for any reason including; good will, customer relations or repeat business.
  8. The supplier shall not infringe any copyright or other proprietary rights of any party, in the event of any infringement the supplier shall indemnify Connections Entertainment ltd against any cost for damages or liabilities. If the supplier(s) service or performance is contrary to the law or is objected to by any licensing or other public authority, the Hirer may cancel the contract in respect of which the objection is made, unless the supplier shall forthwith provide satisfactory documentation to remove the illegality or objection.
  9. Disintermediation shall not be tolerated; any supplier attempting to remove Connections Entertainment Ltd from the hire, to deal direct with the client should request written permission from Connections Entertainment Ltd. An introduction fee of £500 shall be applied to any supplier who fails to provide such permission when hired directly by any client introduced or re-introduced by Connections Entertainment Ltd. Payment of an introduction fee does not account for; substitute, replace or deny a claim for damages, loss of earning or losses incurred from marketing, promotional, advertising costs or interest. The Supplier shall accept and agree that any future contract resulting directly or indirectly from Connections Entertainment Ltd or any client, venue or persons introduced to the supplier shall forward further enquiries or bookings back to Connections Entertainment Ltd or become liable to a minimum of 20% commission per confirmed booking or job.
  10. The supplier is to ensure that regular examinations are carried out on all of his/her equipment and to provide PAT test certificates where applicable. It is essential that all suppliers hold sufficient Public Liability Insurance and provide any relevant certification required to complete their agreed service.
  11. The supplier accepts by agreeing to this contract that he/she is not committed to any agreement to a third party that might preclude them from fulfilling their engagement(s) and that he/she will not subsequently enter into any such agreement.
  12. The supplier is not obliged under this contract (unless stated within) to take part in any sound or television broadcast or video recording from the Hirer or any third party. If the supplier agrees to any such broadcast, Connections Entertainment Ltd may apply for additional fees or commission.
  13. Prohibition of act by payment of full contractual fee, provided that the Hirer pays the supplier the full contractual fee, subject to the supplier duly rendering services of being ready, willing and able to do so, the Hirer may, without giving any reason, prohibit the whole or part of the suppliers service or performance.
  14. The supplier accepts that their displayed fee on connectionsentertainment.co.uk should not be advertised elsewhere at a lower rate, either directly or as a third party special offer.
  15. The supplier accepts that connections entertainment ltd shall deduct a fee of 25% from their first confirmed online booking to cover advertising and marketing costs. After the first confirmed booking, commission rates shall be negotiated with for future bookings.
  16. The supplier accepts that connections entertainment ltd shall charge a minimum of 5% when accepting online bookings.
  17. The supplier accepts that Connection Entertainment ltd is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the supplier(s) equipment and that support of any claim would be limited to providing the supplier with a copy of the hirer’s contact details, booking terms and conditions.
  18. The supplier shall provide a copy of all valid documentation required to perform their service(s) legally and effectively. All documents, including and not limited to; risk assessment, public liability insurance, phonographic performance licence (PPL or PRS), PAT test certificate, etc. should be returned with a copy of the booking contract or a separate signed terms of agreement.

The Hire of Marquee Structures, Props & Décor

“Connections Entertainment Ltd’ herein after and for the purpose of these terms known as ‘the company”

“The Client’ herein after and for the purpose of these terms also known as ‘the hirer”

"The equipment" is all items provided to, listed or hired by the hirer.

"The period of hire" means the time commencing with the arrival of the equipment on site, and terminating

when the company removes the equipment.

"The hire agreement" is the contract entered into by the hirer and the company.


These terms and conditions apply to all contracts, for the hire of equipment, entered into by the company unless otherwise stated in the company’s written quotation. Any offer of equipment is subject to stock being available on receipt of full payment. The company reserves the right to substitute alternative size structures, equipment or materials to give the nearest possible like for like should for any reason it become necessary to do so and the hirer agrees that should such circumstances arise that no claim would be brought against the company.

Terms of Hire

The hire shall commence from date of installation to date of dismantle and removal.

The hirer will pay a non-returnable deposit of 25%of the total amount (as detailed in the quotation at the time of the order) and the balance of the total hire prior to equipment being released.

Where a client credit account is approved, should full settlement not be made on the agreed day of payment the company reserves the right to charge interest at 6% per annum above the base rate of Barclays Bank Plc.

The period of hire is for the event date(s) only and the date of dismantle is at the discretion of the company. Hire prior to or beyond the event date(s) maybe available at an additional cost.

The carpet colour of choice is required with at least 30 days notice; orders received with less notice will be subject to an additional fee.

The company reserve the right to charge a call out fee of £50 for any reason including lighting, electrics, or marquee structure faults.

The company will not accept any liability for a delay to, or contracts being incomplete due to any eventualities:

  • {a}. Unsuitable sites or access being unavailable on the date stated for delivery.
  • {b}. Adverse wind, severe rain or weather conditions including flooding.
  • {c}. Loss or damage to equipment by fire or flood.
  • {d}. Any industrial dispute, lock out or strike.
  • {e}. Any cause outside of our control.
  • {f}. Grass sites which have not been cut.


In the event of cancellation the hirer shall forfeit any deposit already received and pay an additional administration fee of 5% (five-percent) of the total hire as confirmation of the client's request to cancel the hire. Failure to pay or late payment of a cancellation fee shall delay the acceptance of a cancellation and could result in additional cancellation fees being applied.

Cancellations made with;

  • {a} Less than 90 days shall warrant 35% of the total fee payable to confirm cancellation.
  • {b} Less than 60 days shall warrant 50% of the total fee payable to confirm cancellation.
  • {c} Less than 30 days shall warrant 100% of the total fee payable to confirm cancellation.

Site conditions

The company's quotation for hire charges is dependent on a level and firm site being provided with easy access for commercial vehicles.

The hirer should inform the company of the presence of drains, pipes, cables and to repair or make good any damage to the site. It should be noted that the steel pegs holding the marquees may be driven up to one metre into the ground The company cannot be held responsible for damage caused to concealed or buried pipes, cables and other services and features unless their positions have been clearly marked on site by the hirer.

The quotation for lighting is made on the assumption that a suitable and sufficient power point is available within 5 meters of the marquee.

The company reserves the right to erect, dismantle and remove the equipment from the site at its convenience.

The hire charges do not include any repairs or making good that may be required to the site.

Health and safety

The hirer shall ensure that all doors and other openings into the marquee(s) are closed and secured at all times during which the marquee(s) are not in use.

The company reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to require the evacuation of a marquee(s) and/or the cancellation of an event to be held in the marquee(s). Where this occurs due to health and safety considerations the company accepts no liability for any loss whatsoever.

Any alteration or addition to the equipment by the hirer or his licensee must have the prior written permission of the company.

No smoking is allowed within the structure and no fire pits or smoking are permitted within close proximity. The company does not accept responsibility for public liability or any damage caused to equipment belonging to the hirer or any third party that is placed in or outside the marquee during the term of the hire.

No items, banners, linings or covers either on or in the marquee structure are permitted without prior written consent from the company. Any damage or discoloration caused by any item placed without such written consent will be charged for. In cases where the marquee is left in an unreasonable condition a cleaning charge will be applied.

Hirer's responsibilities

The hirer shall be responsible for the safe custody of the Company’s property whilst on site, and will make good to the Company all loss or damage to the Company’s property or equipment whilst in their hire.

The hirer shall provide the company with a plan showing where he/she requires the equipment to be erected, or alternatively have a representative on the site for that purpose. Otherwise the company will erect the equipment where it thinks fit and a further charge shall be incurred if the hirer wishes the equipment to be repositioned.

The hirer is responsible for obtaining any site permits that may be necessary.

The hirer will remain responsible and indemnify the company against any damage or loss caused by their negligence, staff or guests.

The hirer will ensure that any item lost or damaged will be replaced or paid for after the event. A full list of props and replacement values will be available on completion of set up and should be signed for by a representative of the hirer. The hirer will ensure the safety and condition of the structure, equipment and property of the company and if necessary insure against damage while on site or during the term of this agreement.

Where a generator or heaters are required, the company will quote for the required size depending upon the size of event or structure. This does not include fuel for the duration of the event, which can be supplied and invoiced separately to the hirer by an approved third party supplier.

Furniture hire may not include the positioning of tables, chairs or bar furniture unless stated as part of marquee dressing or theme décor.

The hire charges do not include the attendance of the company personnel except during the actual process of erecting and dismantling. The company can provide event managers and support staff during the event(s) or throughout the hire period at an additional cost.

The hirer agrees to keep any part of the Equipment that is a framed structure or a tent completely closed and secure and in particular, any door in place and fastened when not in use.

Third party liability

The company will not be responsible for, and the hirer will indemnify the company against, all claims for injury to persons, or loss of, or damage to, property, however caused, unless it is proved that such injury or damage resulted from faulty materials, workmanship, or negligence on the part of the company. The Company will not be responsible for mechanical or electronic failure irrespective of the cause of this.

The hirer remains responsible throughout and shall indemnify the company against any loss or damage whatsoever. In the unlikely event of a successful claim, the Company liability shall not exceed the total hire charge for the individual portion of equipment hired.

In the event of a claim for loss or damage being accepted by the company's insurers, the hirer will be liable for the first £500.00, unless it can be proved that faulty materials or workmanship caused such loss or damage.

Force Majeure

Whilst every effort will be made by the company to complete any orders, the company cannot be held liable for variation or non-completion of orders due to Act of God, Fire, Flood, Storm, Gale, Tempest, War, Pandemic, Terrorism, Strikes, Illness, Riots, Lockouts or any other civil disturbances.