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Award Nominated Wedding Band The Cassettes are one of the UK’s most sought after Live Music Cover Bands, with the passion, talent and experience to make your Wedding party a fabulously enjoyable and unforgettable event! We’ve been rocking dance floors all over the UK ( and internationally ) since 2009, and we’ve played many hundreds of events, from intimate parties to massive festivals. We have amazing male and female vocals and cover many genres of music. We love to mix things up and our huge and varied repertoire has something for everyone.

What to expect

We provide our own high-quality professional sound and lighting system and these are included in the price for the band. The band travel worldwide but most of our bookings are within approximately two hours of London; bookings beyond this area may incur additional travel expenses and/or overnight accommodation. There are several set-up options available for marquee performances. These are affected by the timings of your event, the layout and size of the marquee and the availability of extra access to the performance area (usually a removable tent flap) so that we don’t disturb your guests. Generally, there are a couple of options: Firstly we can set up before the guests enter the marquee. The advantage here is that the band will be set up and available to start whenever you want, also – the P.A. system is then available for speeches and recorded backing music / or our DJ service during the afternoon/evening. There is often an extra charge for an early setup. Secondly, the band can set up after the Wedding breakfast or celebratory meal has finished. There is usually a natural break in the proceedings at this point and guests will often take this opportunity to relax and ‘stretch their legs’, making it an ideal time for us to set up. With this second option, it is likely that guests may hear our ‘sound check’, so if this is something you want to avoid, we’d suggest enquiring about an early setup. You also need to make sure that your schedule allows us 1 hour 30 mins to set up before we can play any music for you. A typical setup time is usually around 6.00pm with an arrival of 5.30pm and we usually finish at midnight. These timings can vary according to your requirements, and we’re willing to work around the schedule of your event. An earlier set up is also possible and the timings of this will have to be agreed in advance.

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