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From pre-dinner drinks, through to coffee, your unsuspecting guests will witness a whole host of amusing and unusual capers. Watch with delight as unlikely canapés are nibbled, guests search in vain for the waitress's lost contact lens, and whilst a waiter takes a sneaky swig from a hidden bottle of wine, can that maintenance man really be changing a light bulb over table 2?

What to expect

As the atmosphere builds, with confidence, the guests begin to interact with the spoof Spanner staff. Sudddenly the maintenance man is under a table, a bandaged waiter is serenading guests with his guitar and the wine waiter finally collapses, even the most unobservant are left in no doubt that they have been well and truly Spannered! An announcement is made at the end of the performance exposing the true identity of the bogus staff. Taking their bows with instruments galore, the musical finale, which sees the whole room singing and swaying along to the classic 'Delilah' is a handclapping, footstomping cherry on an already splendid cake. he act begins subtly, with the waiters collecting glasses, emptying ashtrays, etc. whilst our waitress serves spoof canapés of slices of carrot, banana, a jelly baby and a hula hoop on a stick. (Believe it or not, guests quite happily nibble away, oblivious to what they are actually eating). Drunken Waiter The object at this point is to arouse a few guests' suspicions, but not enough for our cover to be blown. If requested, the wine waiter will call guests through for Dinner. As guests enter the dining room, if required, our wonky background CD is quietly playing easy listening sounds and cocktail jazz. At this point in the proceedings, for many guests, nothing will yet seem amiss. The Spanner team will help show guests to their seats. This familiarises us with the guests and any requests, such as "Can I have a glass of water" are played straight. We then help place serviettes on laps, pour wine and serve bread rolls, all in a subtly questionable manner. The starter is then served by the genuine venue staff and, whilst it is being eaten, we remain in the room either stood against the wall looking bored or wandering around checking on people's progress and making the odd comment.

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