Sean Alexander Illusionist

World Class Magician, Master Illusionist & Psychological Mind Reader

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About - Sean Alexander

&ldquo;One of the best magic acts we&rsquo;ve seen&rdquo; &ndash; Piers Morgan A world class, international illusionist, close up magician and mind reader. Sean&rsquo;s modern approach to magic and illusion has taken him around the world and exceeds all expectations.<br/> <br/> &nbsp;Sean doesn&rsquo;t show &ldquo;tricks&rdquo;, Sean performs world class magic and illusion in his own style; creating unique and amazing experiences both close up and on stage. Sean has been booked by private and corporate clients&rsquo; worldwide working extensively in the UK and overseas at functions, gala dinners, trade shows and in theatre. Sean is one of only a handful of performers in the UK that is able to offer a diverse and varied range of entertainment with options that include close up and psychological magic for mix and mingle entertainment, a stand up psychological cabaret show, a stand up magic cabaret show, a cabaret illusion show and a very large spectacular grand illusion stage show.<br/> <br/> &nbsp;Close up &amp; Psychological Magic Perfect for mix and mingle entertainment and is the ideal ice breaker to lighten the mood. Regarded as the most sophisticated form of entertainment, Sean moves amongst your guests&rsquo; un-intrusively, performing at close quarters amazing and amusing all he meets in a fun and entertaining way. This is perfect for a drinks reception and at tables during dinner. Sean performs amazing effects that include predicting thoughts, bending objects, vanishing borrowed rings that reappear in impossible locations plus much, much more. Sean&rsquo;s unique close up and psychological magic will leave you and your guests open mouthed and breathless. <br/> <br/> Stand Up Mentalist Show Sean creates the illusion of reading your thoughts in his amazing first class stand up show. Interacting with the audience Sean will tell you the word that you just randomly chose from a book; he will predict your holiday destination; play a dangerous game of Russian roulette with a six inch spike; read your body language and tell you which colour you chose and even tell you who your best friend is. This is all done in a light hearted and entertaining manner and guarantees to leave the audience amazed and bewildered at what they have just witnessed. <br/> <br/> Stand Up Cabaret Show Sean&rsquo;s stand up cabaret show is ideal as an after dinner show where the client wants a mix of magic, comedy and mind reading. Including routines from his psychological show and his illusion shows you can expect plenty of audience interaction, participation and laughter together with beautifully choreographed magic routines such as floating a table and his wonderful snow routine that literally makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. <br/> <br/> Illusion shows Sean is a Master Illusionist performing some of the most original and spectacular illusions in the world. City Times Dubai described Sean&rsquo;s show as &ldquo;an illusionary feat on a par with the best that David Blaine could offer&rdquo; and together with wife and on stage assistant Vanessa, he was featured on Britain&rsquo;s Got Talent in 2008 where Piers Morgan quoted &ldquo;You&rsquo;re one of the best magic acts we&rsquo;ve seen!&rdquo; Sean&rsquo;s Illusions have been seen worldwide and include levitations, lightning quick changes, vanishes, appearances, shrinking, transpositions, decapitations, audience participation plus much, much more. <br/> <br/> Sean offers 2 levels of illusion shows from a smaller show which is perfect as an after dinner cabaret and features a mixture of magic, audience interaction and illusion; to a full on grand spectacular when only the biggest and best will do, incorporating some of the most breath taking illusions ever to been seen in a live show. Sean is flexible in tailoring his shows exactly to the clients&rsquo; needs and requirements and is always happy to assist wherever possible. Sean has been asked to magically produce senior management and company directors on stage, saw members of staff in half as well as launching and promoting products for multi national companies. Nothing is beyond the realms of reality.<br/> <br/> &nbsp;Recent Clients include AXA Insurance Group, Alliance &amp; Leicester Bank, Shell Oil, DAF Trucks, Audi, RBS, Montpellier, P&amp;O, PepsiCo, Aviva, MAF Group Dubai, The Orient Express, John Lewis, Platon, Direct Table Foods, Euro LED, Filtration Control, Ecotek, Walkers Crisps, DeVere, Marriot, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Kemplinski Hotels, The Landmark Hotel to name but a few. <br/> <br/> Quotes &amp; Testimonials: &ldquo;One of the best magic acts we&rsquo;ve seen&rdquo; Piers Morgan <br/> <br/> &ldquo;You&rsquo;ve got a great show&rdquo; Stephen Mulhern <br/> &ldquo;Great show&rdquo; Tony Blackburn <br/> &rdquo;On a par with the best that David Blaine could offer&rdquo; City Times &ndash; Dubai<br/> &nbsp;&ldquo;Top of the speciality act tree&rdquo; The Stage Newspaper<br/> &nbsp;&ldquo;Whilst the quality of the Orient Express is given, there is no question whatsoever that the high quality and mesmerising entertainment you provided added considerable value to the whole experience for our guests and made each trip so much more memorable for them&rdquo;. Neil Halliwell &ndash; DAF Trucks Ltd<br/> &nbsp;&quot;Not only did they meet our requirements, they exceeded them! They made a huge impression and there will be no hesitation in booking them again. No other illusionist will do - we've found the best!&quot; Julie Roblin - Alliance &amp; Leicester<br/> &nbsp;&quot;I was particularly impressed with the flexibility you showed when our requirements changed over the course of the day. With our conference over-running slightly and with the stage size being smaller than planned, you took it all in your stride and worked around these things in a very professional way, which was very much appreciated by the organising committee.&quot; Angela Martland - Norwich Union (Aviva)<br/> &nbsp;&ldquo;Sean Alexander is a very professional and impressive magician. I found him to be very personable and interested in DAF Trucks Ltd. <br/> Sean&rsquo;s aptitude and creativeness in being able to deliver our corporate messages interpreted through his magical performance, is second to none.&rdquo; Zelia Rapson &ndash; DAF Trucks &ndash; Fleet Sales Support Executive<br/> &nbsp;&quot;Dear Sean, A heartfelt thank you for everything that you did on our wedding day, words can&rsquo;t describe the amount of gratitude we have for everything that you did to make our day such a memorable one. We continue to have comments on your amazing illusions, we have had many and most seem to be &ldquo;How did he do that?!&rdquo; I have included a few comments you might like to read &ndash; &ldquo;Excellent, very entertaining, how did he do that?&rdquo; &ndash; &ldquo;How did he do that, I watched him do it the first time and decided to see it again to see if I could catch him. He did it exactly the same again 10 times over and I still couldn&rsquo;t see how he did it!&rdquo; Julie &amp; Ian &ndash; Newly Weds<br/> &nbsp;Sean&rsquo;s approach to the art of magic, illusion and entertainment has taken him around the world and he persistently strives for perfection in every way to ensure that he continues to exceed all expectations. Sean is currently working on a brand new grand illusion production show.

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