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Phil Coley

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About - Phil Coley

Phil can often draw in hobbies, jobs or guises as requested by the guest. These are on A3 high quality art paper and banded for the guest to take home as a memento of the evening. Drawings take around 5 minutes for a single (couples can also be produced on the page). Phil will draw the whole figure in caricatured style, similar to that seen on the promotional photo of Phil Coley himself in the dinner suit. Drawings in black/grey line marker pens or colour brush marker pens (on request).

What to expect

Quick 5 minute black and grey caricatures, on high quality a3 art paper. How many caricatures can you draw and what size? I can usually produce images in 5 minutes in black and grey marker pens (directly on to the paper). A3 is the general size I prefer to draw on. Other sizes i.e. A4 on request (the paper size does NOT alter the time scale greatly), so around 6 to 12 roughly per hour (time for change over and asking guests). How many hours should I book? 2 or 3 hour bookings are made, as a general rule (a minimum fee is charged for under 2 hours). 4 or 5 hours or as many hours can be booked, if required depending on the amount of guests. Times can be increased on the day, if available price pro rata. Times can also be split i.e., 2 hours during a wedding breakfast, then a 1 hour or say 2 hour interlude, then 2 hours at the evening reception (a minimal waiting fee, may be incurred) as opposed to, a set hourly price for a constant drawing time (including short rest and sustenance breaks). How would the Artiste perform at an event? Mix & mingle is a very popular form of Caricature Entertainment i.e.: The Artiste walks around, asking guests at a drinks reception or non-intrusively asking guests during a wedding breakfast or corporate dinner if they would like a picture drawn? Seated performance Alternatively the Artiste can be seated with an easel or with just 2 chairs supplied by the venue, in a well lit area. Clip on battery lights, can be used by the artiste or lighting supplied and P.A.T tested by the Hotel or venue What will be drawn, as a quick caricature? The head is drawn in large caricature style, straight to marker pen with a smaller sized body. 1 to 2 persons are best fitted on A3 and the guest can be asked or state if they would like hobbies, careers or images cartooned quickly in the background of the paper. Up to 5 smaller caricature (heads only) can be fitted to the paper if required by several guests.

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