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1 x Caricature based on 3 hours divided by 1 set Hire


About - Phil Coley

A professional artist will make quick drawings, emphasizing hobbies, jobs, or guises as requested by the guest. The drawings are made on A3 high quality art paper and banded for the guest to take home. Drawings take around 5 minutes for a single person, so your guests won't get bored or tired sitting for them. If a couple wishes to be produced on the page together, it will take about the same time. Drawings are made in black or grey line marker pens or color brush marker pens if your guests wish to do so.

What to expect

One drawing in black and grey marker pens normally takes 5 minutes, also some time is needed for change over and asking guests, so Phil can produce around 6 to 12 caricatures per hour. The number of hours you should book depends on the number of guests. Generally, 2 or 3 hour bookings are made. Times can be increased on the day and be split for your comfort.

The Artist would perform in a popular Mix & mingle form of caricature entertainment. The drawing consists of a head in a large caricature style, with a smaller sized body. The guest can be asked or state if they would like hobbies, careers or images cartooned quickly in the background of the paper for more identity and fun.


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