has captivated audiences World-wide with his astonishing close up magic and full stage illusionist show.

Marc Spelmann

Marc Spelmann

ILLUSIONIST based in London

1 Magician

About - Marc Spelmann

Marc has devoted his life to a continuing study of the mysterious arts and phenomena extant. In the process establishing a reputation as one of the finest exponents of the unexplainable performing today. From formal receptions at The United Nations in New York to A List celebrity weddings in Hong Kong.

Spelmann's astonishing stage shows are as captivating and bewildering as his intimate demonstrations. Those who have witnessed him in a theatre or up close at a drinks reception are left intrigued and moved by the experience.

What to expect

Marc Spelmann creates unique demonstrations that cannot be replicated by any other magician, mind reader or psychic. Those that have witnessed his remarkable entertainment, be it close up at a drinks reception or on stage with his cabaret show are mystified at what he can achieve. The Paranormal? Illusion? Psychology? Deception? What everyone is sure about is that Marc Spelmann is genuinely one of the most fascinating people they will ever meet.

What you will see is totally original as every effect and demonstration is created by Spelmann. This combined with skill, talent, a natural gift and a charming mysterious persona makes Spelmann simply a sensation. Close Up: Spelmann blends seamlessly amongst your guests performing during the drinks reception, helping to break the ice and create a real buzz. Alternatively he can entertain at the tables in between courses, reading minds, predicting the unpredictable with 100% accuracy, bending cutlery under the closest scrutiny or performing his elaborate techniques with a deck of cards that has to be seen to be believed. Cabaret: Spelmann presents his cabaret stage act called ‘The Inner Mind’ which is a fascinating show focusing on mind reading and psychic ability. Imagine audience members being involved live on stage achieving the unexplainable themselves thus becoming part of the impossible, whether it’s replicating an unseen image, bending metal or causing an object to move.

Spelmann delivers this unique act with charm, humour but leaving the audience in two minds as to whether they have seen clever elaborate psychological manipulation or indeed the real thing. Performances are suitable for corporate events, private parties, weddings, trade shows, Christmas functions and product launches.

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