Lutrek professional living statues and walkabouts are beautiful, charming and wholly unique.


LIVING STATUES based in Bristol

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1 x Performer based on 1 hour 20 minutes divided by 3 sets Hire

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About - Lutrek

Lutrek living statues and walkabouts are beautiful, charming and wholly unique. Unconventionally elegant these living statues are truly engaging, creating magic wherever they go. Connecting past with present, these characterful representations make people laugh, smile and feel involved. Lutrek statues are an artistic and avant-garde addition to both events and festivals. From Steampunk to Ice Queen – there is a Lutrek statue for every occasion and each one has their own individual story to tell. Please select from the following characters and make the magic happen!

What to expect

We stay still and then come alive at regular intervals to perform short scenes. These scenes can involve the guests directly or simply be watched by them. The scenes can be dramatic, comedic, magical etc. We can do this as a side-show. We can also do this as a walkabout (walk around the crowd where we approach the guests and they can approach us) with an element of us freezing. It is possible to do both throughout the event.

Booking Options
  • Time & Sets

    Sets can vary. We can provide a performance 3 x 40 min


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Enquiry tel number

Phone Nmber : 01603 73810801603 738108

Rider Requirements
  • The living statue performance requires an area 1m x 1m excluding place for the audience.
  • Changing area will be provided with lighting, long mirror, tables, chairs and clothes rack.
  • Changing area will be available 2 hours before the performance, for breaks and 1 hour after the performance.
  • Hot drinks: tea and coffee, and water will be provided
  • If the event is far from the place we are based (more than 3 h of driving) or time of performance is late night, we will require an accommodation.
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