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Step back in time to the 1920’s and the glamour, decadence and excess which crafted & characterised the mysterious world of Gatsby. The height of the Jazz age, prohibition was in full force and speakeasies flourished amidst Art Deco style. 

The more recent Gatsby film has brought this theme back to the forefront of popular imagination, but the popularity of the 20’s theme has never really gone away – no surprise considering the unprecedented freedom and prosperity of the decade led to parties like the world had never seen before. 

What to expect

Our Inhouse Connections Theming team will provide you with realtime sense of Gatsby feel to your event utilising their skills to create your vision or inspire you with their take on Gatsby using their experience of past events.

We have various self made inhouse themed Props, draping, and various other products to transform your event, venue into a stylish 1920's Gatsby Theme.

We can cater for bespoke and exact budget requirements - feel free to get in contact and get your quotation for your next event.


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