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Cryptic Escape is the first of it's kind real-life escape game! Experience a unique new level of teambuilding. Packed full of creative & problem solving challenges, this game is a fresh & fun choice for corporate entertainment. We guarantee that all members of the team will enjoy being the hero in a movie for an hour.

What to expect

Locked in a room for 60 minutes, your team must find a way to escape! There are lots of objects, codes to crack and hidden hints that can help you all to get out. You have to be smart, work together and think out of the box to solve the puzzles you find!With a choice of three themed rooms each game has its own unique challenges to conquer! The lab of Dr. Lev Pasted This is the covert hideout and laboratory of the curious Romanian geneticist and biologist Dr. Lev Pasted. In his latter years he concentrated his experiments on some kind of blood elixir. The formula has vanished, so has the Doctor. Some say, that the secret blood serum is still hidden inside the lab somewhere. The Haunted A haunted house, where a young girl now meanders forever. Her family struck down by the plague, she remains trapped within these walls. Within your final hour, can you release her soul, thus securing your own escape, or will you be detained along with her for eternity !!!!!! AGE RESTRICTION APPLIES: Minimum Age 14+ The Treasure of Greenbeard Green Beard, the infamously ruthless pirate, notorious for stealing treasures throughout the Caribbean. He would usually sell or trade this treasure, however, there is one item that he kept for himself, an amulet, which is rumoured to hold immeasurable power. Many have searched for this amulet, not one has succeeded or returned to tell the tale. Teams are 2 to maximum of 5 players for Lev Pasted and Green Beard, and 2 to a maximum of 6 players for The Haunted. We wouldn’t want to be too demanding about the team size, but it is good to know before booking that with only 2 people the game becomes just slightly more difficult. However, regardless of the amount of people in your team, we’ll do everything we can to make the most of your game experience and keep the fun . Special arrangements can be made for teams of 20+

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