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Event Sunday Jun, 30, 2019
Think back to the noughties and it was all about the vodka ice luge. A giant ice sculpture, that delivers ice-cold shots while wowing guests. Testament to its popularity, it is still often seen at event launches, wedding celebrations, and birthday parties. But today, there’s one event trend that’s certainly back in vogue – the infamous champagne tower, and we have the Great Gatsby to thank for it


Return of the Stack

When F.Scott Fitzgerald wrote the legendary Great Gatsby in 1925, little did he know that he had created such a legacy? Fast-forward to 2013 and his book is adapted for the silver screen, with Leonardo DiCaprio in the starring role of the Baz Luhrmann classic.


The opulence and glamour of the ‘Roaring 20s’ struck a chord with the wider public, giving rise to Great Gatsby themes for parties, soirees, weddings, and office parties.


There’s something undeniable about the billionaire lifestyle that lends itself perfectly to celebrations of any kind. As such, the ‘Gatsby era’ has become one of the most popular themes for events in recent years.


The Champagne Lifestyle

Of course, central to any Great Gatsby theme is flowing drinks.


Ironically, the Prohibition era which attempted to ban alcohol had quite the opposite effect with underground parties in full swing. As a result, today we have an inspired list of cocktails from the 1920s, laced with gin, rye, and of course, champagne!


Champagne has long been a favorite for those in well-heeled circles. When the first cork was popped in 1696, ‘bubbly’ became a hit with drink aficionados. Indeed, it has always held a certain cachet, associated with high-profile events and people. Tinged with a hint of danger while opening, it is also the perfect symbol of all things Gatsby. And while some drinks go in and out of fashion, champagne remains a true classic.


But the presentation is just as important as the pour, as anyone in corporate event hire will tell you. So, it’s no surprise that one of the hottest trends then and now is a champagne tower.


Raising a Glass

If there’s one way to make an event stand out, it’s with a champagne tower. Instantly ‘instagramable’ this focal point never fails to impress guests.


The ultimate must-have in party entertainment, the champagne coupe tower adds a sense of occasion and excitement, true to the Great Gatsby themes. It also means that hosts don’t need to hire waiting staff to hand out drinks either.


Although champagne is traditionally used, in recent years Cava or Prosecco have become popular choices, gaining mainstream appeal. These sparkling alternatives also have the benefit of being more cost-effective.


Typically, up to 60 Champagne saucers, also known as coupes, are stacked to create a six-tier tower with a lit-up base. This eye-catching display can reach heights of 800mm and is often brought to life with decorative features such as chocolate-dipped strawberries, flowers, and lights, usually part of the wedding decoration hire.


Champagne Supernovas

Whether wedding planning, hosting an event, or an office party, a champagne tower is one of the most exciting ways to dazzle guests with this on-trend theme.


The best way to create this centerpiece is by using a professional company. After all, there’s no need for more pressure with shaky hands when you’re in the throes of hosting an important event.


Opt for a reputable events agency such as Connections Ents, to find a suitable supplier. Rates tend to start from £495, which includes set-up costs and staff, but excludes alcohol supply. Typically, allow for one case of champagne (that’s 12 bottles) per 50 guests, for one or two glasses per person.


In the words of Fitzgerald: In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars."