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Luxurious Options for Taking Your Wedding Party to the Next Level

Luxurious Wedding Party - Connections Entertainment

Event Wednesday Sep, 28, 2022
After multiple delays and cancellations over the last couple of years, couples are going all out on their wedding preparations.

Soho wedding planner Rebecca Brennan-Brown states that multiple venues across London are
completely booked up until 2023 as couples race to say ‘I do. Now that restrictions have been lifted, couples are also
planning to make their wedding dreams come to life by adding big dance floors and providing luxurious touches to
their venues of choice.
Your wedding is a special day for you and your partner, and you can celebrate the milestone by bringing a bit of
luxury to the experience. To make your day unforgettable, here are the poshest options that you can go for:

Hold your ceremony in a private cove

Wedding venues are currently restricted to a registered office, a registered place of worship, or on approved grounds.
While the Law Commission is still planning to lift the restrictions, you can take your ceremony venue to the next level
by booking approved wedding grounds like the Lusty Glaze Beach in Cornwall. This privately owned cove was
crowned as Britain’s Best Beach by The Sunday Times, so your wedding guests will likely be mesmerised by the
venue during your two-hour ceremony. On top of that, the beach will remain exclusively yours during the duration of
the ceremony, so you can go all out with the decor.

Toast to the event with a champagne tower

An open bar will certainly make your guests happy. But if you want to add more sophistication to your reception, you
should go for a champagne tower instead.
Champagne towers are often included in ‘Wedding Wishlists for a One of a Kind Wedding’ because they are seldom
seen at weddings and other social events. You can place these towers in the middle of the reception area to make
them a great talking point for your wedding party. Plus, once you’re ready to make a toast, a glass of bubbly is the
best way to get all your guests cheering with you.

Treat the party to a fine dining experience

Once you've wowed your guests with a champagne tower, you can continue to impress by serving a three-course
dining experience. Luxury weddings are usually seated affairs with a strict seating plan, so it's recommended to hire five-star caterers

who can serve multiple dining courses. Thanks to their experience, these caterers can create dishes with impressive
plating and a mouth-watering taste. Make sure that these caterers can also provide the perfect service for your
wedding day so that your guests are more than satisfied while they’re being served.

Extend the wedding party on an ocean journey

If you want to keep the wedding party going, you and your partner can take the entourage and your respective
families on a post-wedding ocean journey. The luxury trips by Explora Journeys are proof that you can create lifelong
memories with your loved ones by welcoming your guests on a voyage to Ireland, the Mediterranean, or even
Iceland. Through this ocean journey, the wedding party can enjoy nine distinct culinary experiences and indulge
themselves in unlimited rounds of fine wines, premium spirits, and speciality teas. This is a great way to honour your
big day after making your vows, as both sides of your family and friends get to bond with one another.
But if you want to spend this special moment alone with your spouse, you can savour your wedding bliss by going on
a honeymoon sea voyage. Many voyages offer special programs, such as Sky Princess, which has a special
Sognefjell Mountain Scenery honeymoon trip around Norwegian fjords.
Luxury details are the best ways to impress your wedding guests and make your partner feel more special. If you
want to further take your wedding day to the next level, contact us at Connections Entertainment Event Hire
. As experts in wedding events, we can help you get the musicians, entertainers, and vendors that you’ll
need for that wow factor.