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Event Thursday Apr, 16, 2020
Do you want your wedding to be the most talked about and remembered wedding of the year? If that’s you, then this is a must-read blog for you! We have the full scoop on how to turn the day you tie the knot into the biggest wedding of 2020!

In some ways, getting married is very like a lot of other social occasions where you are entertaining en masse. However, it is also completely unlike all other social occasions for many, many reasons. Not least because it is the day that you profess a solemn vow in front of all of your friends, relatives and loved ones to love, cherish and honour the person standing up there with you for the rest of your lives, but also because it is the one day that you want everything to be ‘just so’. You are also far more willing to splash the cash to get the day to look exactly the way you always imagined it to. And after giving your bank account a thorough going over, the last thing you will want to hear on the day itself is well-meaning guests saying how much they admire certain elements of your day because they have seen them at other people’s weddings! Aunt Janet might mean no offence with her careless comment about your wedding flowers, ‘Oh I love your succulents! Our Kara had those all over her reception.’ That’s why this blog is all about how you can ensure that your day will be nothing like anyone else’s. It’ll be utterly unique, just like the two of you. 

When planning a one-of-a-kind wedding, the first place to start is with the save the date cards and invitations. Try to think of innovative ways to relay the crucial information to all of your guests. One top tip for 2020’s party trends is to think green! Environmentally-friendly party planning techniques can be just as easily applied to weddings, so consider inviting everyone electronically. Weddings are still one of the few reasons that people send paper post to people so why not buck the trend to think green and email all of your guests? 

After that comes the day itself! You can demonstrate your distinctive flair and taste even during the ceremony with your choice of decoration. Both Blossom Canopy trees and Flower walls add a huge splash of glamour and romance to any social event and would of course be a fabulous addition to any ceremony venue or wedding reception space. You could even move them from area to area whilst you are all having your photos taken after the ceremony itself, that way you’ll be getting twice the use out of them for your money. This is very easily done if you are getting your photos taken outside in the grounds. They look exceptional in photographs and are a fabulous backdrop for your guests to use later on in the day to take their own photos against. 

Thinking carefully about ways to make your wedding reception enjoyable and fun for your guests will ensure that they will have a fantastic time and will keep people talking about your wedding for years to come. Champagne towers are a real talking point and are seen so seldom at weddings and other social events that having one at your wedding will certainly get your Big Day remembered as one-of-a-kind. What better way to start the fun and merriment after the official business of the ceremony than giving people a glass of champagne from your very own champagne tower! It’s also a fantastic conversation starter and will certainly encourage your guests to start chatting and letting their hair down. 

When it comes to the dancing part of the evening, having love letters on your dance floor will certainly get the crowd flocking to boogie under the disco ball! It’s another conversation starter that adds oodles to the energy and atmosphere of the night. Like having a flower wall or blossom canopy tree, love letters also look incredible in photographs meaning that the photos of your first dance or your guests dancing the night away on the dance floor will be just as spectacular as the photos from earlier on in the day. 

Aside from decorations and keeping the alcohol flowing, other ways to make sure your Big Day is matchless are to make sure that there are plenty of games and activities that your guests can enjoy to keep them busy and to prevent any quiet lulls from occurring. By the time ‘carriages at 12pm’ rolls around, you want your guests to be sad that the day has come to an end rather than desperate to go home! Rodeo bull hire might sound like a step too far, but it certainly will get used by every person at your wedding and would ensure that people were talking about your wedding for decades to come. One final thing to sway your opinion on this subject; imagine the photo opportunity! Uncle Dave travelling through the air at 90mph would certainly be a picture to be treasured (and shared on all forms of social media).

Earlier on in the day, organising garden games can be a brilliant way to keep your guests — adults and children alike — busy. They work particularly well for summer weddings, especially traditional country weddings in venues with large grounds that you want your guests to enjoy. They also encourage your guests to let their hair down, start mingling and get the conversation flowing, and your wedding photographer will have a field day capturing incredible candid photos of your guests playing with the games. From giant Jenga to setting up an actual coconut shy, there are all sorts of outdoor garden games that you can organise to make sure that your wedding is one-of-a-kind. 
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