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Agent Orange

Corporate Bands based in Buxton, Norwich

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About - Agent Orange

Established in 1996, we perform an eclectic mixture of well known disco, rock & amp pop tracks to engage our audience. Having performed at hundreds of private & corporate events over the past 21 years, we have the experience, knowledge & playing ability to adapt to the audience & accommodate requests where possible too. We also come complete with a 4k professional P.A sound system as well as intelligent lighting so you don't have to worry about a thing.

What to expect

With Agent Orange You get what it states on the tin, a professional band who perform with passion . We can play two or three live sets totalling 2 hours approx. We would recommend starting around 9pm to give your guests a chance to arrive, catch up and have a drink or two so they are ready to throw a few shapes on the dance floor! It is better to keep the interval/s short, say 30 minutes, as this helps to maintain the flow but also gives enough time to replace any lost fluids & bulk up on carbs before the livelier later performance. Of course, these are only suggestions & we appreciate not everything goes as planned so are able to adapt & go with the flow on the day if required. The band will usually perform two 60 minute sets, or three x 40 minute sets depending on a client’s preference and they pride themselves on their ability to adjust their playlist to guarantee a memorable night for everybody. We have invested heavily in the latest Line Array speaker technology & digital desk to avoid triggering noise limiters which many modern venues have. We also bring a selection of LED lights & moving heads to make both the room & us look pretty. But seriously lighting is an important aspect of any event which is often over looked, the right lighting creates an atmosphere equal to the energy of the band & after all who watches a black & white TV nowadays. We also bring an ipad with over 10 hours of music which can be played before the band start, during the interval and when we have finished if necessary. This is not a disco so may not have a specific song request in the library but you are more than welcome create your own MP3 playlist & we will pump it through our snazzy PA.

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