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The Sweeper (Wipeout)

The Sweeper (Wipeout)

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from £540 (Inc VAT)

based on 3 hours divided by 1 set Hire


About - The Sweeper (Wipeout)

The Sweeper is also known as Wipeout. This entertaining inflatable includes an inflatable bed with a swinging arm.

This fascinating game, which can accommodate up to 8 players at once, is a genuine test of strength and agility.

8 players must balance on the inflatable border surrounding the bed's edge while leaping over the swinging arm. The difficulty level of Last Player Standing may be changed in a number of ways.

The game will be decided by one person. As an operator progressively implements higher competition mode speeds, one last player will survive. It looks like something right out of Total Wipeout, and visitors will have a blast taking turns spectating and then leaping over this thrilling and competitive game.

A big number of other guests will have the option to fight in a battle to decide who will be crowned the ultimate wipeout champion of the party.

What to expect

The Sweeper can be used outside as well as indoors, but please keep in mind it requires a lot of space to install.

If you are in doubts about whether the size of your Norfolk or Cambridge venue is big enough to hire the Sweeper, contact us. Needless to say, your safety is of paramount importance and all the inflatables are regularly checked and conform to RPII standards.

Booking Options

Hire after 4pm

3hrs hire up till 9pm

£ 550.00

Please contact our team
for further assistance

Enquiry tel number

Phone Number : 01603738108

Rider Requirements

  • The sweeper is very heavy and can't go up steps.
  • Size of vehicle access & Clear, unrestricted access.
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