Billy Connolly's Double since 1999! Meet&Greet, MC, Full Standup Show.

Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY   from £ 500.00

Comedy Look alikes based in Chichester

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About - Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY

Since 1999 Stewart has been BILLY CONNOLLY's Double. He has appeared throughout the UK/Europe as Billy at Festivals, Comedy Clubs, Weddings, Product Launches, Theatres and Charity appearances. He has appeared on BBC, ITV, CH4 and MTV. Stewart has met BILLY CONNOLLY on a few occasions but the first was the most memorable - Billy's reaction was "God, I bet you get some stick looking like that!"


  • P.A. Backdrop and Lighting
    A full professional public address system, "BILLY CONNOLL" backdrop and lighting.
  • £ 100.00

    Rider Requirements

  • Performance area, changing room, soft drinks.
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