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Skylit Pyrotechnics

FIREWORKS SERVICE based in Norwich

from £4200 (Inc VAT)

1 x Fireworks Display based on 4 minutes Hire


About - Skylit Pyrotechnics

The substance and duration of firework displays can vary substantially.

Skylit Pyrotechnics works with a variety of budgets and location restrictions and is eager to incorporate any themes or content to make your firework display unique.

If you are unsure, we can offer guidance and show samples of firework displays.

We conduct a site risk assessment based on your budget.

Following your confirmation, we seek approval from the necessary Norwich authorities and the venue.

We set off your spectacular display on the day of the event, and we return the next day to guarantee the venue is safe and clean and no firework residue remains.

What to expect

For all of our shows, we provide a computer simulation to give you a sense of the content and duration of the show.

Consultation and safety assessment of the Norwich location are all part of the service.

While we are happy to accommodate and hire for any specified budgets or material, our displays tend to be more focused on impact and substance than on length.

We also specialise in celebratory pyro-musical firework hire displays and can create firework displays for any Norfolk event.

Booking Options

Entry level (REC)

A good solid core to the display including a varied range of products including a finale, still using larger aerial shells where safety limits allow.

£ 5500.00

Mid-Range display

Building on the above with greater density of aerial shells and paired ground effects the intensity and duration of the display is uplifted

£ 7000.00

Top Range display

Adding to the mid-range content we build into the display colour layers and prolonged segmented themes to extenuate effects.

£ 5000.00

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