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Miss Minogue tribute

Miss Minogue a superstar

from £720

Dirty Dancing

The no1 Dirty Dancing Tribute!

from £1020

Boy band Ledgends

A fantastic compilation of Boy Bands past and present

from £1320

Mama Mia

Its party time all night long!

from £1560

Night at the Movies

A Must See Act!! connections connections connections connections connections

from £1560

Swinging with the stars

Will make you swing and want to sing!!!!!!

Kevin Fitzsimmons as Michael Buble

One of the best Michael Buble trivutes in the UK.

from £1440

Motown Memories Tribute

Bring back the beautiful memories of motown, with this amazing act.

from £1440

Little Mixture Tribute

As good as the original band, with some fantastic reviews.

from £1440

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