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Joanna Lee

One of Londons West End musical performers guaranteed to bring some pazzazz to your event

from £354

Simon Tricker Singer

Simon has over 15 years experience in the industry, and his unique style and talents are suitable for an experience not

from £420

Mike Pryor

50s Rock n Roll and Rockabilly

from £360

Adam Chandler

Famous for appearing on XFactor Adam has a swing style like the famous Rat Pack and is available for all types of events

from £900

Vanessa Hastings

Female solo singer/pianist - experienced singer/pianist of songs from the 1950s to the present day

from £300


Lyrica professional vocal soloists and vocal ensembles will provide a stylish soundtrack for your celebrations.

Ben Lake

Benjamin Lake is known, loved and much sought after for his passionate performance, energy and big notes. His phenomenal natural talent and dramatic i...

from £480

Debbie Boyd Band

Debbie has an outstanding voice, knows how to work for a crowd, and the band's energy and skill keep the dance floor full all night. You never need to...

from £2100

Annika Rands

Annika Rands is a professional and glamorous singer, performing across the East Of England.

from £594

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