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About - Paul Brook

Paul Brook, For Your Wedding & Corporate Events There are always pauses in the proceedings at a event. But here's a great way to fill the gaps, psychological mind reader - moving from table to table - amongst your guests. Your guests will experience the most amazing mind reading up close and personal. Words and images are pulled from their minds. Guests are influenced to make choices that seem free, but are in fact controlled by the mind reader. And to top it off, the mind reader passes on his skill to other guests so that they can read minds as well.Your guests will be astonished and delighted. How much of a stir will THAT create at your special event? Paul Brook has demonstrated these incredible abilities at top weddings throughout the UK. He has demonstrated these phenomena for business, corporations and the general public. And YET, he claims not to have any supernatural gifts. Rather, he uses psychology and soft science to exactly replicate psychic powers.

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