Hire our larger than life version of Jenga, the family table top stacking game, ideal for weddings, events and parties!

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About - Giant Jenga Hire

The idea for this fun family game evolved in the 1970s from wooden blocks purchased from an old saw mill. Our giant version of this game is fantastic for all ages to play in the garden, on the lawn or indoors. The aim of the game is to take turns removing blocks one at a time, the winner is the last player to pull a block without the tower tumbling down. An ideal accompaniment to other garden games. An alternative option is to purchase our personalised Jenga, and ask your guests to take turns to remove each block and write a personal message!

What to expect

Standard option £50.00 based on 1 Garden Game for 6 hours within local area

On it's own or as a selection of garden games, when you hire Giant Jenga we'll deliver, set up ready to play and collect at a time to suit you. If you wish to purchase our personalised Jenga sets in standard or giant sizes, please advise as the price for these are available on request Add fun and games to your event , both indoor and outdoor, with the traditional game of Jenga, in GIANT form. Test your guests skill and hand-eye coordination in light-hearted competition to see who can pull the blocks the longest without the tower falling down. Building a giant tower just to destroy is always a favorite with children and adults alike! Enjoy several games of Jenga running concurrently to keep your guests thoroughly entertained, why not award prizes for the winner in a sudden death competition. Why not take advantag of our 3 games for £100 offer! Delivery and collection Up to ten miles from Norwich NR1, thereafter £1 per mile return


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    Up to ten miles from Norwich NR1, thereafter £1 per mile return
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