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Want to book Circus? clown or circus entertainment or best trickers or...

Kris Katchit
Kris Katchit offers a wide variety of circus entertainment for your event
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK
Chris Cross
from £600.00
Chris Cross is a Stand-Up Comedy Magician, Contortionist and Escapologist
Anna Abrams
from £300.00
Anna has performed in many different contexts as a solo performer and as part of an ensemble
Hazel Maddocks
from £400.00
Hazel Maddocks is a combined arts practitioner specialising in aerial circus, dance and theatre
Newcastle upon Tyne
Nat Lunatrick
from £350.00
The Lunatrick juggling, unicycling, highly entertaining odd-bod extraordinaire!
Random Mike
from £1000.00
Amazing Entertainer Random Mike will Astound you with his Amazing Fire Performance Skills.
Liz Sifford
from £300.00
Aerialist * Stilt Walker * Roller Skater
Piri Piri Gav Orchid
from £180.00
Gav Orchid. A Stiltwalker, Fire eater, Fire Juggler, Circus Workshop, DJ, Disco, Party or Magic show for all ages
Chris Marley
from £275.00
World Record Breaking Performer Entertaining and Engaging Your Guests Across the UK and Beyond

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