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Charles Haslett as King Charles

Charles Haslett is a professional King Charles lookalike represented by Connections Entertainment. Learn more about how this talented performer can ad...

Dominic Littlewood

If you hold a corporate event and look for a charismatic speaker with captivating subjects to talk about - choose Dominic Littlewood!

Jon Thaxton

Inspirational Speaker and Personal Trainer. Retired Norfolk Boxer. Best Guest Speakers based in Norwich for hire.

from £1200

Ian Richards

Ian has established himself as one of the best comedians in the country and the best of choices as a Charity Auctioneer, After Dinner Speaker and Comp...

from £1320

Connections 24/7 Support

When you start planning your special event, the number of things to plan and organise may drive you to despair. You would surely prefer to enjoy the w...

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