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Charles Haslett as King Charles


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About - Charles Haslett as King Charles

Charles Haslett is the go-to choice for those looking to create a unique, regal experience! His superior attention to detail and dedication to capturing King Charles’ look, style and attitude make him the perfect choice for any occasion. With a commitment to excellence has his mission statement - he seeks to provide an unparalleled quality in creating an atmosphere of royal comfort at any gathering or event. He looks forward to helping you bring your vision of royalty alive with elegance and grace! Vision: To be the world's leading provider of British Royal dressing services that elevate special occasions with sophistication and charm.

What to expect

Charles Haslett is the ideal double for admirers of King Charles! In addition to offering a unique value proposition by combining moustache and wardrobe alterations, Charles creates comedic situations involving Manuel from Fawlty Towers and Inspector Clouseau from Peter Sellers. According to the book "Sellers on Sellers" by Mike Sellers and Gary Morcambe, his vocal mimicry and attention to visual detail give these characters vitality. You can rely on Charles to make any event memorable with his remarkable intellect and adept impersonation abilities. Comedy will be provided and entertainment will be supplied with quality character performances that pay close attention to every minor detail. Through his highly authentic impersonations of cherished characters, he creates moments filled with joyful laughter that can be disseminated.

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