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Prince Charles, Manuel, Inspector Clouseau the look alike with many di...

Charles Haslett

Celebrity Look alikes based in LONDON

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About - Charles Haslett

British born Charles not only shares the same name as the Prince of Wales but he is also similar in stature and height. His attention to detail in clothing and mannerisms makes Charles's performance of HRH very believable. 

What to expect

Exchange the suit for a waiter's jacket, add a moustache and he becomes the supreme double of Manuel from Fawlty Towers, misunderstanding English and creating comedy situations involving the Siberian Hamster! Change the moustache and replace the waiter's jacket with the trademark hat and coat, he becomes a highly adept impersonator of Peter Sellers as "Inspector Clouseau." Good enough to be included in the book "Sellers on Sellers" by Mike Sellers and Gary Morcambe. Charles's vocal mimicry complements his visual detail to all characters. His comic brain and comedic antics makes the characters work in any given situation.

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