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Event Thursday Apr, 16, 2020
Throwing a fabulous party can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if you want to make it a party that everyone will remember – and only for the right reasons. Whatever the occasion, you’ll want it to be a special and memorable event as well as a night where everyone will be able to let loose. Trying to accomplish this as well as staying on trend can be more than a little tricky when you’re juggling work, family and the usual day-to-day chores and hobbies. That’s why we at Connections Entertainment HQ have put together our top 10 party trends to help you plan your next big special occasion. No matter what the purpose of your party is, you can be sure you’ll find some inspiration here that will make your event stand out.

10 – Sustainable and Eco-Friendly


One of the biggest trends to grace the 2020 party season will be sustainability and considering ways that your party can be kind to the environment. Thinking about things like what cups, plates and cutlery you will be using for your party, making the event a plastic-free party and sending out your invitations by text or email or even having locally sourced food will all help to keep your event’s carbon footprint down and will certainly get you some admiring fans.


9 – Gender-Neutral


If you’re throwing a party for a child this year then one of the top trends for kids’ parties is having a gender-neutral event. There are all sorts of wonderful ideas for gender-neutral children’s parties, from pizza parties to seaside themes. By making your party gender-neutral you’ll impress the other parents with your inclusive event.


8 – Space Age


Space-themed parties are big business again with the recent release of the latest Star Wars film. It’s not a difficult theme to achieve either, given all of the merchandise currently in the shops. That doesn’t mean that everything needs to be Star Wars though, just think about focusing the decorations on stars as much as possible, particularly if the party is for children. It’s very easy to cut pizzas and sandwiches into star shapes and to get star shaped cutters for cakes and biscuits. You could even add to the starry appearance of the event by hiring a disco mirror ball, nailing two of 2020’s top party trends in one fell swoop!


7 – Disco Balls


Mirror balls are back on trend Disco balls really finish a party by adding a fun touch of sparkle, especially if you have a dance floor that you want to fill. Just imagine the lights dropping, the party tunes getting turned up and your mirror ball sending glorious beams of light shimmering across your venue, inviting all of your guests to get on their feet. Mirror balls aren’t just for weddings, you can use one no matter what special occasion you are celebrating.


6 – Specialty Foods


Vegetarian and vegan foods are going to be a huge business in 2020, particularly after Veganuary, so why not embrace this hot trend by making it a focal point of your special event? There are all sorts of fabulous ideas for food for the masses out there at the moment, so you won’t be short of plenty of delicious snacks to keep everyone dancing ‘til midnight.


5 – Bring Nature Inside


Hand in hand with increasing attention on conserving the Earth’s resources and being eco-friendly is the idea of bringing nature inside for your next party. That way you can remind your guests of the reasons that you are having a plastic-free party and trying to reduce your carbon footprint. The beauty of this theme is that no matter what time of year your party is, you can take your inspiration from just looking outside. Seasonal flowers and foliage will really help to keep the costs of your party down as well as being easy to gather yourself. There’s another opportunity to accomplish two top party trends in one go as the next top party trend for 2020 is DIY…


4 – Personal Touches – Try a Bit of DIY


When we say DIY, we don’t mean that everyone should arrive wearing a toolbelt and a hard hat. This party trend is characterised by making as much of the decorations and food yourself. There are all sorts of ideas for DIYing your party food, from making fabulous charcuterie and cheese boards to making doughnut walls that your guests can help themselves to throughout the night and will wow them when you say that you made it yourself. The only issue with this trend is having the time to spend making the personal touches.


3 – 90s themed treats


Another key trend for 2020 parties we’ll be seeing a lot of is the 1990s Retro sweets and treats are fabulous for popping into your goodie bag if you are planning on having them. Bowls of the classic cheese puff crisps on the table, sausage rolls, picnic eggs and cheese and pineapple hedgehogs should certainly be gracing the buffet table of any ‘90s themed parties.


2 – Unusual Venues


Parties being thrown in unusual or unique venues is certainly a trend you’ll start seeing in 2020. This started as a trend in the wedding industry a few years ago and has started to make an appearance in the party industry as a whole now. Abandoned movie theatres, warehouses and disused churches are all being taken over as party locations, when you think outside the box your options are almost endless.



1 – Pantone’s Colour of the Year – Classic Blue


Using Pantone’s Colour of the Year has long been a feature of weddings and parties (with this being harder in some years than in other years) and this year Classic Blue is sure to appear everywhere It’s such an easy colour to find and can be paired with all sorts of colours making it the perfect colour for all sorts of parties.


If you’re looking for any more help on planning your next party then get in touch with us and we’ll turn ordinary ideas into extraordinary ones.