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Event Tuesday Dec, 21, 2021
Are you looking for the best wedding services but you have no idea where to start? We might offer you the best solutions for all your worries. We know how it can become overwhelming to organise a wedding event, particularly when an important day in your life is approaching and you have a squeezed budget. In that regard, we've offered you a curated list of the top 10 services for a wedding you may want to consider. Let's dive in.

1. Wedding DJ

DJs services play a crucial role in ensuring the party or wedding event is ceremoniously set. The tone of the wedding needs to be charming, splendid, lovely, and interactive, and a DJ will offer endless entertainment for the same purpose.


2. Photo Booth

Photo booth delivers unlimited photographs by ensuring every second of your special day is captured. There is a wide range of photo booth entities that hire out their services at an affordable cost. With such services, you can always enjoy your event.


3. Chair Covers

Another important service to consider for your wedding event is the chair covers. You can think of different designs and approach cheap yet quality services providers like from connection sent entertainment. Most interesting you'll get these even with as low as 4 euros.


4. Champagne Tower

This service is also available for hire. With this service, you'll be in a good position to make your special day to be phenomenal and beautiful. You don't have to spend a fortune to have a memorable wedding event, Champagne Tower will make your event look exotic and classy.


5. Love Letters

To make your event look even more natural and unforgettable, we offer you a wide range of love letters in different sizes. You can hire 4 or 6 feet of illuminated love letters to ensure your wedding is second to none. These letters are mostly out for hire in Essex, Cambridge, and Norwich.


6. Mr & Mrs Letters

Being 4 feet light up Mr. and Mrs. letters, this one will make everyone smile. As such, it brings the ambience and tone of the wedding while putting everyone in a celebration mood. Besides, it creates an exemplary focal point and talking point, your event will be envied by many!


7. Selfie Mirror

At first glance, you'll think that this is just a normal mirror, however, after your guests get hold of the screen, a new life is brought up with hidden technology. It comes with a full interactive 65-inch touch area, and your guests have the freedom to choose the colour, sepia, white and back options. Besides that, you can select to have social media interaction.


8. Drapes

Chiffon chair drapes come in eight different colour’s: white, mink, dusky pink, ivory, mauve, navy, burnt olive, and dark silver. The vertical drapes come with a Grecian appearance. With this item running down the chair, it renders an opulent appeal that suits any weddings or corporate events.


9. Garden Games

So, you've exchanged vows, and you're full to capacity - you've even interacted with various guests, and before you can get to the night entertainment, you have that mingle time. And to keep your guests entertained and engaged, you'll need to have a wide garden game including; Golf croquet, Chess quoits, Pinball crazy, Jenga connect, etc.


10. Wedding Bands

There're endless possibilities when it comes to wedding bands. Some bands you may expect to choose from may include; LeFunk!The Helen Ashton BandThe Mesh BandEnergy Function BandOn the CeilingPlayback, etc.