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Event Thursday Sep, 30, 2021
When choosing a DJ for your next party, you need to do your research, prepare an outline of what kind of music you want to be played and what type of party this will be. It's best to contact numerous DJs so that you can hear demos or talk with them on the phone or through email before making your final decision. The following are tips on How to choose a DJ for my party ?

Choose based on price range

You should consider a local Norwich mobile DJ  based on how much money you are willing to spend rather than choosing solely by their price. Choosing solely by price is considered penny-wise and foolish because if they don't match your needs, the savings aren't worth it. However, if all things are equal in quality and services offered at each price, then go with the cheapest. Although the best DJ could be a bit pricey because of their talent and experience, by looking at all your options, you should be able to find an affordable DJ that fits your needs.


Consider their style and personality

When choosing wedding dj, ask yourself if they fit your party's vibe or theme; would they look out of place? Make sure that if it is a formal event like a wedding reception, it is not filled with hip-hop music or an elegant evening cocktail party filled with trance music. You want to choose someone who will fit in well, so feel free to ask them questions about their style and mood before making a decision. Additionally, consider what kind of personality you would like your DJ to have. Some people want someone who is very professional and does not talk on the microphone, while some would like their Norwich wedding DJ  to be interactive with the crowd.


Ask for previous events they've done so you can see how they work

You should always ask them if they can provide references or even request to look at some videos of past events that the DJs worked at so that you can get a feel for their style of working and see what kind of experience they had at those parties. If you are throwing an extravagant party, then make sure the mobile DJ Norwich has handled similar affairs before. You do not want amateur handling all of your guests' music needs; instead, find someone who knows what he's doing and give him the responsibility of entertaining your guests.


Ask for a list of music that they can play

Make sure you ask them to give you a list of all the songs and artists they can play at your event so that you know what kind of tunes to expect from him. This way, there is no time wasted on deciding what songs to play, and if their style matches up with yours, then hiring them will be a good choice. Check out their lists carefully because some less reputable DJs might drum up fake lists of alleged bands or artists that he knows you would never want to be played at your party. So make sure to check it thoroughly before making a decision.


Ask for references from past clients

Find out who some of their past clients are and contact them to see how they liked the DJ, if the DJ was reliable, friendly, etc. Then go meet them in person or talk with them over the phone to get a feel for what kind of mobile DJ Norwich would fit your needs. The best way to find out how well a DJ fits your needs is by checking references from previous customers who have used their services before.


Ask for music list suggestions

If you know basically what songs you want to be played at your party but not exactly which ones, then ask the DJs to create a playlist with song suggestions based on your preferences and make sure that those songs can be found online by you beforehand so that you can listen to them. This will help eliminate surprises during your event, and if you like what they created, then that's a good sign of hiring them.


Make sure you trust your Connections DJ

You must make sure that the person you choose to be in charge of the music at your party is trustworthy and will not steal from you, play inappropriate music, or otherwise violate your trust; otherwise, it isn't worth hiring him. So talk to him one one-on-one and see how much you can trust him with such an important role in your party. If he seems reliable, then go ahead and give them the job.


Their personality/demeanor

Although music is very important, you also want someone who can interact with your guests and get the party going. Check out how "chatty" the Norwich party DJ is - are there long pauses between songs? Does he/she talk too much about himself/herself? Make sure this fits within your requirements before hiring them. Some people might prefer a more laid-back approach while others may be looking for something fun & lively! Also, ask what happens if things go wrong - e.g., if there are technical difficulties or awkward guests. You need to make sure that your DJ reacts accordingly in the face of adversity!


Timing is Everything

You may want to consider whether you may want any specific songs played at specific times during the evening - e.g., father-daughter dance, cake-cutting, etc.? If so, ask if they have a playlist available for this purpose and determine whether they are flexible enough to accommodate your request/s - remember: it's YOUR party, so get what you want! Remember, though, that busy DJs will probably have a schedule that keeps them going from one event to another without breaks apart from meal & toilet! Make allowances for this when requesting changes be made to their schedule.


Choosing a DJ for your party can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect one. I hope these guidelines have helped make choosing a DJ easier and more enjoyable! Remember, this is an important decision, so don't rush it or settle on someone just because they're available last minute.