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Building Champagne Towers Vs Sidemen Surprise

Champagne Tower Hire - Sidemen KSI

Event Sunday Feb, 27, 2022
When you start thinking about ways to make your special event grand and unforgettable, a champagne tower is one of the options that may cross your mind. It is one of the top ten services wanted for a wedding and beautifully compliments classic and art deco wedding receptions.

The bride and groom open the champagne and pour it over the tower to symbolise that their love will be everlasting. It’s an outstanding way to start off the toasting at any event. Champagne, Cava or Prosecco towers are some of the most spectacular points at the New Year celebrations and the Roaring Twenties parties. 

The internet supplies you with a number of DIY tips to save you champagne tower hire expenses.

Let's see, if the idea is as good as it seems. 

First, you need a very solid table for a base. It should not be wobbly, of course, and besides, it must be heavy enough to stand occasional pushes, otherwise, your beautiful crystal tower will be instantly transformed into a shower of broken glass. Don't forget a tray to avoid the mess and protect the linen, as some spillage is unfortunately inevitable. 

Second, not any champagne glasses will do for a tower. To make it work you need coupe glasses. A standard tower consists of 56 glasses stacked on a 6-tier level, whereas making a grand 10-tier tower, for example, requires 220. They should all be identical, otherwise, your tower can fall.  

Once the tower is filled with champagne, have someone in charge give out the glasses starting strictly from the top. Left to themselves, guests may come and try to take the glass from the bottom of the tower and ruin the whole thing. 

At Connections Entertainment we've serviced numerous champagne towers for all sorts of occasions. Still, even for our trained team, the job requires skill and concentration, so we do not much notice what's going on around us while we are at work. That's how it happened we totally missed out on the fact of supplying our champagne service to the famous Sidemen Crew for their New Year's Eve YouTube Video. Can you imagine that?!!! So, if you want to enjoy every minute of your special day, and have no fear about something going wrong, we'd suggest hiring high-quality equipment & experienced staff that helps to take the event to the next level from great to excellence.