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7 Unique Ideas for your 2022 Work Christmas Party

7 Unique Ideas for your 2022 Work Christmas Party

Event Thursday Nov, 10, 2022
Christmas is the ideal time to bring your team together and celebrate all of your hard work and successes throughout the year! You’ve probably heard people moaning about being forced to attend work events and Christmas parties have a bad rep for being unoriginal and boring. The good news is that you can easily jazz up this year’s Christmas party and give your staff something to remember with these unique ideas…



1. Rent a party boat 

Did you know that you can rent a party boat on the Thames? Thames Rivercruise organises unique festive celebrations in the capital. You can hire a private charter that will accommodate 30-120 guests and enjoy a magical and intimate party for your staff. 


The Christmas boat party packages are flexible and you can choose to create a formal or casual atmosphere depending on your preferences. There is a luxury festive menu on offer and an onboard DJ and dance floor that’s perfect for dancing the night away! 

2. Hire an awesome office space 

Worried that your office is too small to host an unforgettable festive party? Don’t be! There are loads of fantastic venues available in the city and hiring large office spaces is the perfect option for lots of companies. 


You and your employees already spend so much time in your office, so it’s exciting to get a change of scenery and celebrate somewhere new. There is a great selection of venues for hire that boast breathtaking city views and amazing facilities that are sure to impress your team!


Don’t forget that most companies throw staff parties in December so we recommend reserving your venue early before they get booked up!

3. Plan a karaoke night 

Karaoke is an entertaining activity that will bring your team together and create lots of fun memories. If you’re based in the capital, Lucky Voice has venues all over London with private karaoke booths that can accommodate 4-30 singers at a time. 


The bar area has a fantastic variety of cocktails on offer and there is also festive food like delicious Christmas pizza and sliders.  

4. Create ice sculptures 

Carving ice sculptures is the ultimate festive activity for your team! This unique and interactive experience will give your staff the chance to get creative and learn a new skill. Ice sculpting can also be a great form of entertainment if you are throwing a Christmas-themed event.


Team Tactics offer mobile ice sculpting workshops in the capital. A team of professional ice sculpting instructors will visit your office with all of the supplies and equipment needed to plan an incredible ice sculpting Christmas party! 

5. Organise a festive treasure hunt 

A fun and interactive treasure hunt is much more exciting than a boring Christmas party in the office. Your staff will have loads of fun working in teams, searching for clues, solving puzzles, and winning prizes.


A festive treasure hunt is a great way for your team to explore a new city and get in the festive spirit. Visit if you want more information on how to organise a fun treasure hunt for your team this Christmas. 

6. Go to crazy golf 

Crazy golf is another fun activity that your team will love! There is a great variety of crazy golf venues that offer all-night entertainment with fantastic food options, impressive cocktails, and incredible music. 


Swingers is one of the most popular crazy golf venues in London with five different bars and two adventurous nine-hole golf courses. It offers a range of packages guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable Christmas party experience. Your team can enjoy some friendly competition and then dance the night away to their favourite festive tunes. 

7. Hop on the murder express 

Jump on the Murder Express if you’re looking for a unique festive party! This interactive dining experience takes place on a 19th-century train and your team will get to enjoy a delicious four-course dinner created by Masterchef The Professionals finalist, Louisa Ellis. 


Your team will be treated to a night of exquisite festive food and meet lots of quirky characters during this immersive experience. 

Final thoughts 

There are plenty of ways to liven up your work Christmas party! Get creative this year and organise an unforgettable festive celebration that will excite and inspire your team. 


Now is the perfect time to start planning your Christmas party and prepare for a fun-filled festive season with your staff!