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Fawlty Towers<br/> <br/> &nbsp;Basil Fawlty, voted time and time again as the &ldquo;Best Comedic character in the world!&rdquo; Competitions on both Channel 4 and 5 in 2007 - 2014. A Classic that can be recreated at a venue of your own choice. Imagine your guests surprise to be greeted by a totally obsequious and outrageous Basil Fawlty! &hellip;..(Provided they are not Riff Raff of course)!<br/> <br/> &nbsp;Turn your event into one of surprise and hilarity. Remembered by your guests for not just months, but years to come! Basil usually appears at your venue, not as a stage act, but actually meeting and greeting your guests at the reception, taking on the role of the owner of the premises, and giving the sort of hospitality one would expect from a Top Class Torquay Hotelier. He can work around the tables totally in character, be it a buffet or set meals. An excellent &ldquo;Manuel&rdquo; and &ldquo;Sybil&rdquo; are also available. As Basil would say: &ldquo;Probably your needs are greater than mine&rdquo;!<br/> <br/> &nbsp;There are additional optional activities that can be introduced using various props, often at corporate events, many routines are not used, as there are other entertainers working at the same time, or there is a larger main event to occur, like a Charity Ball. In these cases, It&rsquo;s usually meeting and greeting guests at the reception, with options for the same around the tables, particularly if there are over 400 people, as it takes time to cover each table during the meal. Here are some of the usual options:<br/> <br/> &nbsp;Fire alarm entrance: For a surprise first entrance, for use at the end of the reception to move people into the next room, in a hotel, Basil could set off the fire alarm system, or if this was too OTT. due to other functions etc. he has a pocket alarm that sounds similar for localized areas. He makes an entrance, somewhat formal at first, to totally manic. Then ushers everybody out, and into the dining room&hellip;.. Alternatively, Edmond is a Member of the Association for the UK School of Professional Toastmasters, so he could make it a formal announcement, with a dinner gong, and have Manuel guide guests to the tables. <br/> <br/> <br/> Kitchen calamity entrance: This could be used as a first main entrance, or part of the standard proceedings: During the meal, and prior to the main course, a large bang and clatter is heard in the kitchens, plus an ensuing mock argument that sounds like the meal has been ruined as it hit the floor, but was saved, as he scraped it up, and put it on some new plates! This can be modified to suit the occasion but Basil remains concealed, usually in the kitchen, until he makes his entrance.<br/> <br/> &nbsp;Serving trolley sketch: This could be run on from the kitchen calamity sketch, or as a separate entity: Basil enters with a serving trolley with a tray and cloche cover on top. Then makes a speech, and proceeds to sharpen the carving knife on a steel. He mentions that it should be Manuel that should be serving the food, but as usual you just can&rsquo;t find the staff, and if he had his way, he would put his head on a plate. He lifts the cloche cover, and Manuel&rsquo;s head appears to be on the plate. The serving trolley has a false top with a head sized hole in, under the cloche cover and &ldquo;Manuel&rdquo; is concealed below. &ldquo;Manuel&rdquo; could be a well known character, ie. The best man, the hotel proprietor, or company manager. Anyone who is small to medium sized, and relatively agile. wearing a provided stuck on moustache and waiters jacket. &ldquo;Manuel&rdquo; then jumps out from under the table and screams and runs off chased by Basil with a carving knife. The catering staff then proceed to deliver the main course as normal.<br/> <br/> &nbsp;The rat and banter: During the meal Basil often produces Manuel&rsquo;s rare pet filigree Siberian hamster from his pocket. This is sometimes used for great effect and hilarity around the tables. Used with other numerous pocket props, along with Basil&rsquo;s banter about the food, staff, lack of Manuel and Sybil, absence of the plebs and riff raff, and dealing inappropriately with any complaints!<br/> <br/> &nbsp;The Majors gun sketch: For real interactive fun with all of your guests, and after dessert, when coffee has been served, Basil often makes an announcement that he has just seen the Major outside the room, and he&rsquo;s been walking around with his gun, He explains: &quot;Now in case there are any health and safety officers around, I would like to explain that it&rsquo;s for purely routine maintenance, and reassure everybody that there&rsquo;s nothing to be concerned about, but I had better just have it put back again in the cabinet&quot;. Basil walks out, but allows people to hear. There are two loud bangs. &ldquo;Right Major, give that gun to me, there aren&rsquo;t any here this week Major, no Germans, besides, it&rsquo;s not legal anymore, it&rsquo;s murder!&rdquo; Basil then rushes back into the room holding the shotgun. &ldquo;Sorry, just the Major, shooting starlings through the window.&rdquo; He looks down at the gun, &ldquo;That reminds me, I&rsquo;ve received many complaints about Manuel&rsquo;s rare filigree Siberian hamster being on the loose. Has any one seen it recently? Right then we&rsquo;ll have to go on a little rat hunt.&rdquo; Basil walks round looking under the tables calling for the rat, and ends up near the head table. Basil yells &ldquo;Oh my God, there it is&rdquo; He points the gun, he presses a button beneath the barrel, and a radio controlled rat shoots out, followed by a couple of loud bangs from the shotgun. He picks up the rat by its tail and announce its demise. At this stage he could wind up his activities and makes an exit, or announce and that he would dispose of the rat, and sort out the Major once and for all. This can lead on to:<br/> <br/> &nbsp;Manuel recruiting campaign: Basil leaves the room, and announces &ldquo;Oh my God, he&rsquo;s really done it this time. Well we can&rsquo;t leave the corpse out here in the kitchen, I know&hellip;&hellip;&rdquo; The next thing seen is a laundry basket with an arm and leg sticking out from under the blanket. Basil wheels this through the restaurant area, saying &ldquo;go on, carry on with your meals, you&rsquo;ve seen a laundry basket before haven&rsquo;t you?&rdquo; After displaying the trolley he makes an announcement that due to circumstances beyond his control, unfortunately it appears that he is one down on staff, so he&rsquo;s going to have a Manuel, and a lesser known twin sister Emmanuel recruiting campaign. He calls upon 3 ladies and 3 gentlemen to come forward, and dress them up as waiters and maids respectively. Basil runs through 3 interactive routines, which may benefit from a PA system, depending on numbers and size of venue. <br/> <br/> The last routine is done in the best possible taste, He has the whole audience upstanding from the tables and singing Viva Espania, whilst the 6 candidates, now dressed with sombreros and marachas, sing and dance around the tables and come back to the front. He then brings each candidate forward and gets the audience to vote by cheering, clapping their hands, applauding their favourite candidates. A prize of bubbly, or whatever is suitable, is presented to the best candidate. Basil usually finishes and departs with maybe just one mention about the war, and goose steps his way out. The speeches music etc. then proceed. Basil usually operates up to 2 1/2 hours, with breaks, but sometimes he is asked to stay for further evenings proceedings, this time is negotiable. It is usually on a meet and greet basis only, as there are so many other distractions, but combinations of any of the above, and new additions and hybrids are always available, often inspired on the day. The client provides the bubbly if required as a prize for the best Manuel. All other props are standard supplied and used as required.<br/> <br/> &nbsp;Edmond is also a member of the Association for the UK School of professional toastmasters, so wedding etiquette and announcements do not present a problem. As seen on Britains Got Talent, ITV &quot;Will the real Basil Fawlty stand up,&quot; 4 Weddings, and Wedding TV.

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