The Furious Pussies 60s Band

60s/70s rock & pop covers

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About - The Furious Pussies

The Furious Pussies are a three-piece rock & pop band, covering a host of 60s/70s classics that get 'em up and dancing, with a few good old 50s rock'n'roll standbys for the end of the night. We offer a choice of two rigs, both with lights: large for most pubs/village halls; or small for venues with limited space or volume issues (half size drumkit, mini guitar, bass and pa amps; this whole rig actually fits on my kitchen table!). The small rig has two big advantages: it lets us play the music like it should be, full belt, whilst keeping the volume low enough not to deafen the audience, plus we only take up about a quarter of the space needed by most bands! Songs from: Stones, Kinks, Beatles, Hendrix, Spencer Davis, The Who, Small Faces, Cream, T Rex, Johnny Kidd, Chuck Berry, Zeppelin, and more and more...

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