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About - Dark Ents

Welcome, O seeker of The Truth! You have made contact with the Other Side; now thou shalt know the reality behind Dark Ents&hellip; Conjured from the realms of Darkness by mystery showman, Stephen Ward, the spooky and strange realm of Dark Ents offers ethical paranormal entertainment for the truly discerning audience. <br/> <br/> They can be summoned to perform, seven days a week, at any venue in the UK. Though Dark Ents specialise in the bizarre, the mysterious and the strange, it is also told that they will provide lighter, spooky entertainment, with an emphasis on fun for those of a more delicate disposition. <br/> <br/> The spirits at Dark Ents pride themselves on being a friendly, specialist production company, able to offer performances moulded to a variety of differing budgets, varying from close-up entertainment, through to full-blown stage shows and static attractions. All performances can be custom-scripted, which is especially powerful for Trade-stand sales pitches.<br/> <br/> &nbsp;<br/> &nbsp;Dark Ents also offers a number of other services including mind reading for strolling and stage, a spooky Witch Hunt and other services such as tarot and palm reading.

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