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About - Pyrotex Fireworx Ltd

About Pyrotex Fireworx Ltd International Musical Firework Champions Monaco 2012 British Musical Firework Champions 2011 Exhibitors UK Festival of Fireworks 2011 British Musical Firework Champions 2010 Welcome to the vibrant and exciting world of Pyrotex Fireworx. Just as any good cocktail has the right mix of ingredients as a recipe for success in the same way Pyrotex Fireworx are a fine blend of professionals fused with dynamic creativity and enthusiasm making us first-class when it comes to fireworks. Drawing on over 25 years of experience and knowledge within the fireworks industry, together with our experience within the music industry, gives us the ability to produce cutting edge Professional Firework Displays and award winning Pyro Musical Displays. Health & Safety is paramount. Pyrotex Fireworx is a member of the BPA (British Pyrotechnists Association) - the trade body that represents the majority of professional firework display companies in the United Kingdom. Personnel and technicians are continually trained in the use of professional display fireworks, the associated legislation and in Health & Safety. With a safety record, which remains unscathed, you can be sure to feel safe in the hands of Pyrotex Fireworx. As an independent firework company we are able to source and design our own fireworks to our exacting standards. We visit the firework factories and oversee our fireworks being made to ensure we can deliver our customers superior quality. We employ FireOne - the world's most advanced digital firing system and the world's most advanced fireworks to music choreography system. Its precise, accurate timing and state of the art software allows us to program more complex and dynamic displays. This allows us to offer you very competitive prices yet very versatile shows with amazing effects. Using ScriptMaker, the world's first fully integrated choreography software package, with FireOne we are able to offer the most unprecedented precision timing in the industry. Professional Firework Displays Nothing speaks of celebration, exhilaration and excitation quite as stylishly as when the night sky is bursting full of colour, sparkles and crackles. The whisper of laughter and joy as the crowd splendour at the display before them. Our professional displays are full of passionate colour, precision timing and explosive thrills creating an awesome atmosphere. As well as having and using high specification fireworks, the good design and set up of a display makes a huge impact on your show. For professional firework displays we use our in-house design team to plan the layout and firing order to gain the greatest performance Pyro Musical Displays Fireworks choreographed to music and fired with split second timing is undoubtedly a winning combination that produces the ultimate show We quite simply enjoy enormously the process of planning, creating and demonstrating our displays. Through choreographing our fireworks to the music in such a way that the fireworks completely compliment the sentiment of the songs allows the audience to experience much more than just a firework display. Our choreography team can take your chosen piece of music and make the fireworks dance through the night sky in precise timing to it creating the most awe inspiring atmosphere you are ever likely to witness The Team We pride ourselves on being a professional young and dynamic firework company. With our passion for fireworks, eye for creativity we constantly strive to come up with the right mix of colour, style and effect of our fireworks in novel and exciting ways. Youth, vitality and a very strong competitive spirit are the driving forces behind our desire for greater achievements. We have an excellent, highly competent crew who all enjoy working together to the build up to the final firing on the night. Achievements The last few years have been an amazing journey for Pyrotex. After winning the British Musical Firework Champions in 2010, we exhibited at the UK Festival of Fireworks in 2011 and then went on to retain our title at the 2011 British Musical Firework Champions which has only been achieved once before in the entire history of the competition. In 2012, we were selected to represent England in the Monaco International Musical Firework Championships and are delighted to announce that we won both the judges and the public award. Pyrotex, becoming International Champions, was made all the better as our story was covered by the BBC TV Programme

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