The Lunatrick juggling, unicycling, highly entertaining odd-bod extraordinaire!

Nat Lunatrick   from £ 350.00

Jesters based in Newcastle upon Tyne

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About - Nat Lunatrick

Nat Lunatrick is an amusing and playful entertainer, a juggler of balls, clubs, knives, and especially hats. Nat can ride unicycles of varying heights. He juggles, spins and eats FIRE! He performs astounding magic, from close up and cabaret styles to 'fakir' or pain magic, he twists balloons, walks on stilts and can compere a stage. An experienced, international and award winning performer

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Standard option £350.00 within local area

Nat has captivating shows for your next event. Nat is well know and respected amongst his fellow performers in the entertainment industry and is able to source multiple performers if you require bigger a


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