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Create your own WOW Factor, enhance the mood lighting by colour washing the walls of your room to your desired colour.

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About - Mood Lighting

It's truly amazing the difference a few, strategically placed, lights can make to any old room, marquee or venue. An old brick wall can become an amazing backdrop with uplights, downlights, flood lights or a colour wash.There may be certain features of your wedding venue such as pillars, statues, high windows & plants that you would like to highlight. We can do this, by placing one of our uplighting units at the base, set to whatever colour you wish. Connections offer a range of options

What to expect

Your uplighting is arranged entirely depends upon your venue. For example, rooms with natural light will need less lighting than darker spaces. Likewise, walls with fewer windows will benefit from more treatments. The good news is that it’s not one choice for the whole night! You can opt to have alternating colors throughout or change the tone as the evening goes on. Romantic luster tones might be perfect for dinnertime, while effervescent oranges or pinks can keep up with the band’s energy!


10 Uplights (10 uplights for 6hrs hire - 5 colours to choose from White, Red, Blue, pink, green)

£ 50.00

20 Uplights (20 Uplights for 6hrs hire - 5 colours to choose from White, Red, Blue, pink, green)

£ 100.00

RGB Lights x 6 (Bespoke Colour - Any Colour controlled x 6 Units)

£ 50.00

RGB Lights X 10 (Bespoke Colour - Any Colour controlled x 10 Units)

£ 100.00

RGB Lights x 20 (Bespoke Colour - Any Colour controlled x 20 Units)

£ 150.00

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