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About - Kimmys Petting Zoo

I started Kimmys Zoo in 2011 after 7 years of studying Animal Management and Zoology and having 10 years of working in various sectors in the animal industry. I started the business from a pure passion for caring and learning about animals. The zoo started doing little visits to care homes and with special needs groups. The animals are non-judgmental and have helped me growing up so i wanted to allow people the opportunity to feel the comfort they bring too.

What to expect
If you've never had the wonderful experience of a petting zoo then let me explain how it works! We arrive at your venue with an array of exotic creatures. The children are comfortably seated onto a fake grass mat and given a quick health and safety briefing. Each animal is individually introduced to the group with some fun facts then the children get to touch, stroke hold or feed the animal with the birthday child going first of course! Throughout the encounter we manage health and safety with hand gel, washing hands and monitoring the animals and children while petting. Children get to learn about the animals, to connect with new animals and enjoy new experiences. Standard 1 hour discovery package I also wanted to educate people on how difficult and expensive animals are to care for and what might be a good pet for them to keep using my knowledge of various domestic pets to prevent further cruelty and neglect in the years to come. We are animals too and all animals deserve the same respect and we have changed alot of peoples perceptions of animals especially snakes and bugs. There is nothing more satisfying when an adult especially changes from a negative to curious view in a matter of seconds making them appreciate the wonders of the animal world like we do. Why don't you upgrade your discovery package to a DELUXE package for 1 hour and 15 mins with 10 animals 4 mammals, 3 reptiles & 3 inverts.
Additional Options
  • Upgrade to Deluxe Package

    1 hour 15 mins with extra animals, mammals and reptiles

  • Add two extra guests

    Parties are up to 10 children, add two additional children


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