Fire 4 Hire Childrens Parties based in Manchester

JUPITER 'kids party fire engine' Fully operational fire engine.

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About - Fire 4 Hire

JUPITER 'kids party fire engine' Fully operational fire engine. Tank & pump with hoses. As close as to a real fire engine as you can get. Extras include disco lighting 15" flat screen TV DVD & comprehensive music system, subs, amps etc. Bubble machine on board Internal fire bell to ring. Arrive as a normal fire engine would arrive, get the children seat belted in, take them for a trip in JUPITER, on route a sing along to children's popular music, watching on the screen & doing the actions. If they sing lound enough then bubble machine is put on filling the cab with bubbles, for all to play & have fun. Arriving back after our trip out, Birthday boy helps to unravel the hose for some exciting fun of hands on experience of using a fire hose,after a short while all the Birthday boys friends can each have a turn with the hose. To make the Birthday boy feel special , he can then pretend to drive JUPITER & put on the sirens & lights. The whole event finishes with all his friends grouped up in front of the fire engine, the presentation of his birthday gift and a chance for parents to take photo's.

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