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Want to book Look alikes? many disguise or famouse lookalikes. Get you...

Charles Haslett
from £1000.00
Prince Charles, Manuel, Inspector Clouseau the look alike with many disguises
Sven alike
from £500.00
Derek Williams is the one and only Sven Eriksson lookalike
Fawlty Towers Entertainment
from £800.00
You will always remember your wedding day. Now, so can all your guests!
Simon Newton as Jack Sparrow
from £400.00
Jack Sparrow lookalike: Doubled for Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. Lookalike and fully interactive.
Suzie Kennedy
from £1000.00
Suzie Kennedy as Marilyn Monroe is renowned as one of the world's most famous lookalikes.
Edmond Wells
from £1000.00
Lookalike, Impersonator Basil Fawlty and Team, Jaws, and Complete Bond Team
Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY
from £500.00
Billy Connolly's Double since 1999! Meet&Greet, MC, Full Standup Show.
Daniel Craig
from £500.00
Steve has done every type of event you can imagine. From walking out of the Sea in St. Tropez, introducing Quantum Of Solace in Dubai, appearing in a...
Drew Cameron
from £350.00
Stand up Comedy Impressionist & Lookalikes.
Phoney Fools and Horses
from £875.00
Phoney Fools and Horses is a 5 star Theatre Show and Dining Experience. Based on the TV show everybody loves-ly jubbly!!!

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