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Want to book Look alikes? many disguise or famouse lookalikes. Get you...

Charles Haslett
from £1000.00
Prince Charles, Manuel, Inspector Clouseau the look alike with many disguises
Sven alike
from £500.00
Derek Williams is the one and only Sven Eriksson lookalike
Fawlty Towers Entertainment
from £800.00
You will always remember your wedding day. Now, so can all your guests!
Simon Newton as Jack Sparrow
from £400.00
Jack Sparrow lookalike: Doubled for Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. Lookalike and fully interactive.
Suzie Kennedy
from £1000.00
Suzie Kennedy as Marilyn Monroe is renowned as one of the world's most famous lookalikes.
Edmond Wells
from £1000.00
Lookalike, Impersonator Basil Fawlty and Team, Jaws, and Complete Bond Team
Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY
from £500.00
Billy Connolly's Double since 1999! Meet&Greet, MC, Full Standup Show.
Daniel Craig
from £500.00
Steve has done every type of event you can imagine. From walking out of the Sea in St. Tropez, introducing Quantum Of Solace in Dubai, appearing in a...

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