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A Rodeo Bull combines the perfect high-energy competitive atmosphere with pure fun and laughter providing as much entertainment for the spectators as it does for the riders! 

What to expect

Our brand new competition-level Rodeo Bull can give all participants an identical ride every time, at three different levels. Alternatively, the Rodeo Bull can be manually controlled at slower speeds for the younger rider, or faster speeds for the professional rider To Hire a Rodeo Bull for your party you need: 1. An even and reasonably flat area of 20 feet by 20 feet. 2. A ceiling height of at least 9 feet. 3. A 13 amp NORMAL 3 pin wall socket within 30m of the bull set up location. 4. No sharp objects or edges near to the operating area. 5. For licensed premises the bull must be in a separate area from people with glasses.

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